English Best Bitter 4%
Unfiltered Lager 4.2%
Farmhouse Cider 4.6%
Australian Pale Ale 4.8%
Noble Cut

When they're gone, they're gone.

American IPA
5.8% Hoppy Porter
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Brewed with our mates.

Mulberry Berliner Weisse 4%
7.6% Barrel Aged Irish Red Ale
Vienna Lager 5.3%
IPL 4.20%
Past Release

Panama Mosaic

A couple of years back we joined forces with our mates at Toby's Estate to create a couple of experimental 'OkTobyfest' brews. So, with a proven track record as good drinking buddies, beer and coffee team up again. 

After an initial tasting with Toby's Estate, together we selected 'Panama Finca Santa Teresa honey-processed Gesha' as our beans of choice. While the name's a mouthful, the resulting brew - Panama Mosaic - is much easier to swallow. It's got a malty toasty biscuit backbone with a dry coffee finish. Think cold-drip coffee's subtlety over full-throttle espresso. There's some moderate bitterness and spiciness coming through from the hops and beans, and it goes easy on the carbonation. Put it in a coffee cup and you could almost fool your boss.