Past Seasonal

Gone, but certainly not forgotten. Our wonderful beers of the past.

Black Hart Weizen

4.5% Amber wheat beer

Toasted toffee notes underpin this restrained wheat brew with banana/clove flavours woven through the mid-palate and finish. Brewed to celebrate the Histronic at the Sydney Theatre Company


Fresh Six

6.66% Front End Loader collab

A cheeky, balls to the wall pale ale that combines the dry spicy flavour of rye with the sucker punch of dark agave syrup. Like a Front End Loader gig, this beer will leave you drop jaw stunned, slightly deaf and winded with a grin from ear to ear.


Newtown Brown

5.7% Homebrew comp winning beer

American style brown ale. Caramel meets spicy hops with a liquorice finish.


Black En More

5.5% Peter Fenton collab

Dark Spiced Lager featuring wattleseed and bush tomato, chocolate rye, chocolate wheat and a hint of smoke from the peated malt.


None More Blacker

6% Hello Cleveland!

Hop Smoked Rye Rum Barrel Aged Stout. Full bodied, velvety and smooth with notes of smoke, wood, leather gloves and coffee.


Yippie IA

6% Imperial Amber with Cascade hops

Low roast coffee beans and some barrel ageing.



4.6% Two Birds Collab

Inspired by our drive to push the Umami flavour in beer. To do so, we have used Wakami and Laver in the mash and green tea in the hopback to increase the L-Glutamate content of the beer. Houjicha {hoo-jee-cha} Tea from Perfect South was chosen because is a roasted, flavoursome tea.


Young Doctor Henrys Night Nurse

7.5% Doctors Orders Collaboration

A Stout White Stout. Brewed with Marris Otter, and cereal adjuncts (wheat, oats, barley) and hopped with new world English hops and Doc’s secret hop mother-lode concoction. Barrel Aged and Strong!


Radio Red

5.5% FBI Radio Collaboration

Our collaboration with FBI Radio is a fund raiser for the Community Station that has done so much for local music, particularly in Sydney. A hoppy red ale with an indigenous twist (to reflect the Station’s dedication to home grown music) was finally settled on. Australian Cascade hops and Davidson Plum are the predominant flavours in what has turned out to be a cracking beer.


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